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If you look at what we do in Creative services daily it must look like a bit like controlled chaos. You could see us working on a pop up banner for a conference in our first few hours of our day, a header for an e-postcard the next, then styling a website layout after that, all the while attending timeline and other important meetings. Let’s just say that it is a good idea to have awesome scheduling and multi-tasking skills if you are on the Creative Services team.

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Ducks In A Row

By keeping all our ducks in a row, we make AMR look good and make our client partners look good.
Our work also varies on who we are working with. On any given day, we could be working with only one client or we could be working with all of AMR’s client partners on different creative projects for general release or a specific conference. This gives us a good variety of ways to be creative.

It all begins with the creative process, which starts with our clients, flows through our client team members to us, and back again until everyone is happy with the end results.

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The Creative Process

Being a member of the Creative Services team is a bit different than other positions on the AMR team. Where other team members may sit on the front line when working with AMR’s client partners, the Creative Services team is more behind the scenes.

Although we may not interact with our client partners on a day to day basis, everyone gets a chance to see our finished work in the form of a new website or printed item at conference. We provide the first impression and that is what motivates us to make the next creative project better than the last.

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Mike Cooke
Director of Web Strategy

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Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication (Radio Television & Film Production) Baylor University

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What inspires you about your work?
Every day is a new adventure and you never know what new web technology a client or client team wants to try next. Working in the association management world keeps me busy and my skills fresh. I love having the chance to be a member of several different teams here at AMR.

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