Association Marketing – 20 Tips for 20 Years

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  1. Know who your member is; it’s not the general public. Find the right people, not all the people.
  2. Good data equals good communication. A database can help you segment messages, target specific groups and personalize messaging.
  3. Reminder: your brand is what others say about you, not just what you say about yourself. Listen to what’s being said; is it in alignment with who you think you are?
  4. Showcase your members! Feature their professional stories or their testimonials on the value your association provides.
  5. With social media, don’t do it all. Know where your members are. AARP isn’t on Snapchat for a reason.
  6. Say it with a picture. Photos, videos and info graphics grab attention.
  7. Create and promote a memorable hashtag to centralize user-generated content.
  8. An ostrich isn’t a good marketer. Don’t stick you head in the sand – monitor social media and have a policy for how and when you should address untrue or unflattering comments.
  9. Be aware of private industry trends, they will have an impact on member expectations.
  10. Where appropriate, respond to current news or pop culture happenings. A therapy association released a pros/cons articles on the latest craze of fidget spinners.
  11. Repurpose content. Can a section of your newsletter also be used as a blog post? Can a publication drive a podcast discussion?
  12. Showcase your personality! The association is made up of people, make sure it feels that way.
  13. Think of a specific person when you write. What would resonate with them and what tone would get their attention.
  14. People trust people. Find and leverage your association ambassadors.
  15. Don’t stop learning. Follow social media and marketing influencers for tips and inspiration.
  16. Don’t put up unintentional barriers. Review your website – is it easy to navigate (from a desktop, tablet or phone)? Is important content buried pages deep?
  17. Looks matter. Does your visual identity convey your personality? Do you look modern/outdated, warm/sterile?
  18. Personalize email newsletter subject letter. Winter Newsletter doesn’t sound like exciting read.
  19. Analytics are your friend. Use social media engagement and website analytics to understand what your members are sharing and using.
  20. Members are why associations exist. Your decision making should be intentional around their needs.

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