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How to Harness Peer-to-Peer Networks for Membership Renewal

By AMR Management Services / June 5, 2024

As the main source of your member-based organization’s revenue, securing membership dues is undoubtedly one of your association’s biggest priorities. Strengthening your relationships with existing members is less time- and resource-intensive than cultivating new connections from scratch, which is why membership renewal is so important. Plus, the more members who renew, the larger and stronger…

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Connecting Your Association Through Volunteering: 3 Tips

By AMR Management Services / February 15, 2024

As an association leader, you’re always looking for ways to strengthen your member community, and the best way for them to build connections is by bringing them together face-to-face. While conferences or other association-related events are a great place to start, throwing other activities into the mix can facilitate more casual and personal interactions between…

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4 Strategies to Maximize Your Org’s Membership Program

By AMR Management Services / January 24, 2024

4 Strategies to Maximize Your Org’s Membership Program For organizations that rely on memberships to thrive, such as associations, sororities and fraternities, and museums and cultural organizations, year-over-year member retention should be part of your long-term strategic plan. Not only are membership dues a significant and reliable revenue source, but members tend to be the…

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The Art of Online Storytelling: 5 Tips For Your Website

By AMR Management Services / November 8, 2023

In the digital age, associations like yours are presented with a unique opportunity to connect with your members, engage your audience, and make a lasting impact. One powerful tool in your arsenal is the art of online storytelling.  A well-crafted narrative has the potential to transform a mundane website into a dynamic hub that resonates…

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3 Stress Management Strategies for Association Professionals

By AMR Management Services / October 25, 2023

For working professionals, stress is an unavoidable part of the job. However, over time, stress multiplies and turns into burnout, which might lead to a lack of motivation. The World Health Organization characterizes burnout as feelings of exhaustion and negativity toward one’s job, increased mental distance from one’s job, and reduced professional efficacy. This can…

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