DeLaine Bender CAE

Graphic showing development of code of conduct

Crafting an Effective Association Code of Conduct: 3 Essential Steps

By DeLaine Bender CAE / May 22, 2024

As the executive team liaison to many AMR Management Services clients, I spend a great deal of time participating in meetings of our clients’ Boards of Directors. One of my roles is to provide strategic guidance when association leaders are faced with sensitive issues—including Code of Conduct violations. A Code of Conduct is an association…

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Graphic showing two people working in marketing and how to attract people

7 Proven Strategies for Retaining Sponsors: Keeping Your Partners Engaged and Invested

By DeLaine Bender CAE / April 17, 2024

As association management professionals, we know building strong and lasting relationships with sponsors is essential for the association’s success. Sponsors are valuable partners, providing financial support, subject matter expertise, expanded reach, and enhanced opportunities for member engagement and professional development. Sponsor retention is an absolute must. When existing sponsors pause or withdraw their participation in…

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Board Trust Graphic

Building Trust: Strengthening the Bond Between Association Boards and Staff

By DeLaine Bender CAE / October 18, 2023

As association management professionals, we at AMR Management Services know associations rely on an effective relationship between the Board of Directors and staff to fulfill their missions—and trust is the cornerstone of this partnership. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of trust, the common challenges in building it, and strategies to foster…

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Association Relevance Graphics

Are Associations Still Relevant in a Digital World?

By DeLaine Bender CAE / September 27, 2023

Joining with professional colleagues in an association setting is a tried-and-true method to enhance your career, hone your skills, and build your network. But with all the online resources at our fingertips, is that still true today? As a career association executive, I’m admittedly biased. But from my observations of AMR’s more than 25 full-service…

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Strategic Plan Graphics

The Association Strategic Plan: What’s the Point?

By DeLaine Bender CAE / September 13, 2023

For many association leaders, a strategic plan is a must, while others are not so enthused. Perhaps they have had a past strategic planning experience that didn’t pan out well—or perhaps they don’t understand the potential positive effects of a well-developed strategic plan. What’s the Purpose? The purpose of a strategic plan is to provide…

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