Molly Marsh

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Innovating a Better Conference – Using Design Thinking to Enhance Association Conferences Meetings and Events

By Molly Marsh / May 10, 2017

Design thinking has emerged as a major force for transformation in the association industry (don’t believe me, see how pervasive it is in industry publications, conferences and research). When you see the results, it should be no surprise that this is where we’re headed. Applying principles of Meeting Design to conferences can transform a meeting from a list of…

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Engagement in Action – NASPO Exchange

By Molly Marsh / March 23, 2017

Participant engagement and supporting peer-to-peer connection is critical for any face-to-face conference, but when the primary purpose of an event is to “build relationships” you’d better be sure you provide a program that delivers. Gone are the days during which associations set out a coffee break and assumed that valuable, caffeine and sugar-fueled networking would…

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Reality Show? Nope, Just another Day in the Life of a Meeting Professional

By Molly Marsh / August 25, 2015

I’ve always said that an association meeting professional’s life would make an excellent reality show.  Combine a 15-hour travel day with a no-show speaker; throw in a thunderstorm just as participants leave for their offsite dinner (to which they are walking) and a hotel where the chef just quit…you’ve got a hit, I promise!   …

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