Will Engle

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Reimagining Sponsorship to Create a Win-Win-Win

By Will Engle / June 9, 2022

The Challenge The Nursing Organizations Alliance (NOA) has included an exhibit hall with its annual conference, the Fall Summit, every year since 2002. In November of 2012, NOA reached its highest number of exhibitors for a Fall Summit; a short five years later in November of 2017, the number of exhibitors had dropped by 38%,…

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Contracts and Event Cancellations: Lessons Learned

By Will Engle / May 12, 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there have been an unprecedented number of event cancellations and postponements in 2020. Since early March, as of this writing, we have cancelled 13 AMR client events through June, with still much uncertainty surrounding the rest of the year. Throughout this time, we have come away with some lessons learned…

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A Day in the Life – Conferences and Events

By Will Engle / January 4, 2017

I think most people would tell you, when asked if planning events sounds like it would be a fun line of work, that yes, they think it would be: traveling all over the country and the world, meeting all types of new people, and having the unique opportunity to see first-hand the fruits of your…

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