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Building Community and Engagement with Member Networking

Building Community and Engagement with Member Networking Associations understand how important it is to recruit more members and keep their community engaged for the long term. With an active community, your association can thrive and help make a difference in your industry. To captivate professionals in your field, there has never been a better time…
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Are Associations Still Relevant in a Digital World?

Joining with professional colleagues in an association setting is a tried-and-true method to enhance your career, hone your skills, and build your network. But with all the online resources at our fingertips, is that still true today? As a career association executive, I’m admittedly biased. But from my observations of AMR’s more than 25 full-service…
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3 Expert Marketing Strategies to Increase Event Attendance

Picture this: your association is gearing up to host a conference on industry insights. You promote the event at the bottom of your email newsletter a few times, but when the event day comes, your attendees numbers are minimal.  To navigate around this issue, you need a solid marketing strategy to get the word out…
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The Association Strategic Plan: What’s the Point?

For many association leaders, a strategic plan is a must, while others are not so enthused. Perhaps they have had a past strategic planning experience that didn’t pan out well—or perhaps they don’t understand the potential positive effects of a well-developed strategic plan. What’s the Purpose? The purpose of a strategic plan is to provide…
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How to Improve Your Association Marketing with Website UX

When it comes to association digital marketing, your website is the glue that holds your strategy together. While your organization likely already leverages digital marketing assets such as email and social media, your website is the hub where you house important information aimed at current and potential members and sponsors.  That being said, your website…
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