Building Blocks for Long Term Partnerships PT 2 

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As mentioned previously in part one, association partners – sponsors and exhibitors – provide immense value to our members through their thought leadership, products, and services, not just their financial support. As an association, we want to make sure we foster our partnerships for mutually beneficial results.

Question: Do you just engage with your sponsors when you are reaching out asking for support, and during the event planning period? If yes, then you may want to consider reimagining your sponsor engagement strategy and schedule.


Preempt FAQs.

Send helpful updates during the year:

  • Benefits still available to optimize
  • Event dates
  • Sponsorship opening dates
  • Additional avenues for association member engagement throughout the year
  • Association updates, including membership numbers, goals, new products and/or services, etc.


Optimize sponsors’ value and expertise.

  • Offer premiere sponsors a seat at a corporate relations committee meeting.
  • Provide premiere sponsors with the opportunity to review your prospectus and give feedback before it is finalized.
  • Identify opportunities for sponsor donations (product or service), with provided visibility, to support an association project.

The Little Things

Emphasize your appreciation.

Send a simple note:

  • Gratitude during the Thanksgiving season
  • Joyful wishes during the December holiday season
  • Update on association “Thank You Sponsors” social media posts (be sure to include their social media handles)
  • New Year’s message highlighting the association’s appreciation for the support of sponsors
  • “Top Ten Reasons We Love our Sponsors”
  • “Thank You” from the association president

As you create your sponsor engagement strategy and schedule, consider communicating at least once per month with your sponsors. This keeps your association top of mind throughout the year and gives credence to your genuineness when requesting sponsorship support.

Alison Miller Cropped Photo
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