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Grant Writing for Associations: 5 Key Tips to Get Started

By Meredith Noble / July 17, 2024

Associations come in all shapes, sizes, not to mention diverse IRS classifications. However, across the board, one thing unites associations: the need for diversified funding. Grants can be a vital part of the broader nonprofit ecosystem for any associations and foundations. Whether you’re looking to diversify your association’s budget, fund new programs, build out the…

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How to Transform Your Association’s Members into Donors

By AMR Management Services / July 10, 2024

With over $300 billion flowing into the nonprofit sector via fundraising efforts in 2023 alone, association professionals like you might be wondering how to get a piece of that pie. If your association is a 501(c)(3), you’re in luck — you can collect tax-exempt fundraising dollars! Even if your association is not  a 501(c)(3), you…

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The Power of Inclusive Language in Associations: Building a Welcoming Community

By DeLaine Bender CAE / June 26, 2024

Associations are spaces where members from specific professions, fields, or industries can engage, network, and learn. Boards of Directors and association leaders want their associations to be inclusive and valuable experiences for all members. Sometimes, however, we may unintentionally do or say things that make people feel excluded. In our diverse world, associations must strive…

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4 Tips for Your Association’s Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

By Gabrielle Perham, MBA / June 11, 2024

Whether your association aims to raise cause awareness, boost event attendance, or increase membership, a narrowly focused marketing campaign is the key to inspiring action. Using data to inform your marketing strategy leads to higher enrollment, greater event turnout, and improved membership retention. According to Deep Sync’s guide to data marketing, organizations that use data-driven…

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How to Harness Peer-to-Peer Networks for Membership Renewal

By AMR Management Services / June 5, 2024

As the main source of your member-based organization’s revenue, securing membership dues is undoubtedly one of your association’s biggest priorities. Strengthening your relationships with existing members is less time- and resource-intensive than cultivating new connections from scratch, which is why membership renewal is so important. Plus, the more members who renew, the larger and stronger…

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