Case Studies

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Shared Services Collaboration – Applied Problem Solving

By Molly Marsh / July 27, 2020

The Challenge In a world with almost instant online banking and the ability to transfer funds to a friend’s bank account at the click of a button – waiting 2-3 weeks for a check reimbursement for your association is practically an eternity and this delay was a big concern for the Association of Biomolecular Resource…

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Content Marketing: Time Well Spent

By Molly Marsh / August 19, 2019

The Challenge:I am sure this particular story is a familiar one for many associations! Content is developed for conferences, professional development programs, online resources, webinars, then when the event or initial announcement is done, it’s done! Associations generate a significant amount of valuable content to support their members and industry communities. Much of that information…

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Graphic of people talking in a panel setting

Panels That Rock

By AMR Management Services / December 11, 2018

The Challenge:Find a new, fun, creative way to present a panel discussion for the 2018 Nursing Organizations Alliance (NOA) Fall Summit. NOA’s membership is constituted by staff and volunteer leaders of national and international nursing organizations. In addition to a focus on nursing and healthcare topics, when NOA members convene for the Fall Summit, it’s…

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Conference Networking Initiative Yields Positive Results

By Molly Marsh / August 16, 2018

AMR’s Molly Marsh discusses changes in conference planning with a new networking initiative that made a positive impact on the conference attendees. Looking for more education and events strategies for your association? Contact us Today!

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How A Medical Association Used a Physical Representation of Diversity to Create a Fun and Engaging Conversation

By Lindsay Overall / July 11, 2018

The ChallengeThe Academy of Communication in Healthcare (ACH) defines diversity as any and all differences between and among people. ACH welcomes all diversities, recognizing that various life experiences, perspectives and cultures inform and enrich their understanding of the world, each other and themselves.  AMR and ACH is committed to building an inclusive organization and has…

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