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Connecting Your Association Through Volunteering: 3 Tips

By AMR Management Services / February 15, 2024

As an association leader, you’re always looking for ways to strengthen your member community, and the best way for them to build connections is by bringing them together face-to-face. While conferences or other association-related events are a great place to start, throwing other activities into the mix can facilitate more casual and personal interactions between…

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AMR Celebrates 20 Years Serving Non-Profit Association Partners

By AMR Management Services / June 1, 2017

Today AMR Management Services celebrates its 20th Anniversary. John and Shirley Ruffin established AMR Management Services in June of 1997 and, since that time, has grown into one of the country’s top Association Management Companies. CEO and founder John Ruffin recalled, “In 1997 AMR began as a small association management company with 10 employees and…

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Creating a Pipeline for the Next Generation of Public Sector Workforce

By Olivia Hook / April 9, 2017

About a year and a half ago, NASPO began the conversation about broadening their mission to include a higher education component. The idea was to partner with a handful of top-tier universities with programs in supply chain management and similar degree programs to create a pipeline of students to become the next generation of state government workers.…

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A Day in the Life – Conferences and Events

By Will Engle / January 4, 2017

I think most people would tell you, when asked if planning events sounds like it would be a fun line of work, that yes, they think it would be: traveling all over the country and the world, meeting all types of new people, and having the unique opportunity to see first-hand the fruits of your…

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