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The Challenge:
Making internal training about Association Management Company (AMC) accreditation fun! AMR is accredited through the AMC Institute. Every four years, the company goes through the re-accreditation process to ensure adherence to the AMCI Standard of Good Practices for the Association Management Company Industry. A critical component of the re-accreditation process is a full-staff review of the standards and Accreditation Summaries, but simply reading the almost 40-page document doesn’t ensure understanding or retention, let alone a full understanding of the importance of the standards on the business.  

The Action:
The team at AMR working to support employee preparation for re-accreditation, Delphine Hepp, Laura Singler and Whitney Wilgus, was looking for a way to make the review fun and engaging enough to motivate staff to see the accreditation information in a new way. They used Kahoot, an online and mobile quiz app to create a fun quiz challenge for all AMR staff. The online quiz highlighted some of the critical components of the accreditation summaries, calling attention to the details that impact each department whether or not certain employees see them day-to-day. The app gamified the review, added a dose of healthy competition, and used play to engage the staff intellectually and emotionally.

The Result:
The whole staff got into the game (in-person and the remote team), vying for spots on the leaderboard and challenging one another throughout the game. Not only focused on the points, the staff started talking between questions about the questions, realizing where they needed to look more closely at the accreditation documents to better understand internal processes. The following week, team members were still talking about the game and checking in with one another on whether they’d “brushed up” on some of the questions they’d missed. The team bonded through the learning experience and adding that dose of play engaged the adult brain in a stronger way than simply reading the information or listening to a presentation would have done. Not only did it better prepare the team for re-accreditation, it was an excellent example of a creative approach to learning that the staff can use to support association educational events!

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