Leveraging AI Lead Generation to Expand Associations’ Reach and Impact

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The Challenge

The Research Chefs Association (RCA) faced a common yet critical challenge among associations: expanding their reach beyond the existing mailing list of current and former members. With the RCA 2024 Annual Conference approaching, there was a need to attract a broader audience, including corporate chefs and food product developers who might not yet be familiar with RCA. Expanding their reach aimed to increase conference attendance, grow overall membership, and enhance the association’s visibility and impact within the industry.

The Action

A committee member recommended Seamless.AI, a powerful lead generation tool designed to address this challenge. Seamless.AI is a real-time search engine that helps users find thousands of targeted contacts in minutes, enabling associations like RCA to quickly and efficiently get in front of the right people. Leveraging this artificial intelligence (AI) tool, we aimed to build a comprehensive and targeted list of potential conference attendees and future members for RCA.

Building the List: Using Seamless.AI, we searched for contacts by job title, company, and location. This allowed us to identify and compile a list of corporate chefs, food product developers, and other relevant professionals who might be interested in the conference. The tool’s advanced algorithms ensured that the search results were relevant, providing RCA with a robust list of potential contacts.

Outreach: We downloaded the contact information and sent personalized email invitations to the 2024 RCA Conference. Each email included a trackable link to monitor engagement. This personalized approach helped ensure the emails were targeted and relevant to each recipient, increasing the likelihood of positive responses.

The Results

The outreach campaign yielded promising results:

Engagement: Of approximately 800 emails sent, RCA received 167 clicks on the trackable links. This indicated a significant level of interest from a new audience segment and demonstrated the effectiveness of AI in identifying and targeting the right professionals.

Email Deliverability: Around 100-200 emails bounced or were undeliverable, highlighting an area for improvement in contact list accuracy.

Website Traffic: The campaign drove at least 167 new visitors to the RCA website, expanding the association’s reach and increasing the potential for future membership or conference participation.

Broader Impact: The initiative was relatively easy to implement and demonstrated Seamless.AI’s efficiency in broadening RCA’s network. As a result, others at AMR have started using this powerful tool to build their own association networks. The rapidly evolving field of AI offers immense potential for tools like Seamless.AI to continue transforming how associations grow and engage with their audiences.

This case study showcases how associations can leverage AI tools to boost conference attendance, increase web traffic, and expand their overall reach. With the ability to generate targeted leads quickly, associations can use such tools not only for conference marketing but also for generating sponsorship leads and growing membership. RCA’s experience highlights the practical benefits and potential of integrating advanced AI tools into association management strategies.

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Cropped Profile Photo of Hannah DiLoreto
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