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Did they get it right?

At the end of 2022 several Event Industry Professionals predicted some 35+ trends for 2023. Among those were budgets, the metaverse, work-life balance, data privacy, and the unknown of supply chains and inflation which we have heard about in previous predictions. Some of the more surprising and interesting predictions were more about attendee-driven needs and expectations. For example, we heard about how conference structure needs to be more in tune with the total attendee experience rather than a single free happy hour as a draw. The “wow” of a meeting must be combined with ongoing attendee engagement post-event.

The biggest challenge to successful events predicted was talent availability. We have all experienced a shortage of staffing and especially trained staffing. While this continues to be a challenge there have been some major strides made in the right direction. Comfort levels have improved over time since the pandemic with few protocols still in place.

In-person events are the norm again as was predicted with some residual virtual and hybrid events still in place. Event tech has come a long way and will continue to evolve according to Evan Babins, Production Manager, Diamond Integrated Marketing. With the emphasis on AI being top of mind, associations will continue to reshape how they plan their gatherings.

As predicted, management and allocation of budgets in a fraught economy continues to be a challenge. The ever-rising costs of supplies and goods connected to supply chain issues has continued as a carryover from 2022.

A newer trend noted was the focus on the neurodivergent community notes Claudia Kiss, VP of Marketing, The Vendry. The need to offer spaces in larger conferences allowing attendees to “escape” for a bit in less stimulating environments.

Many of those who predicted a rise in the metaverse in 2023 drew down noting that it is still a new enough concept that it may see better traction in 2024.

We will continue to see some of the same trends moving into 2024 and a handful of newer ideas making for another “interesting” year.

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Cropped Photo of Glen Ellwood
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