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The beginning of a new year marks a time when many people make positive changes. This year, the National Academies of Practice (NAP) launched a new logo, new color scheme, and new tagline that we are confident will bring positive energy to our mission of advancing inter-professional healthcare!

Great organizational brands are often simple, but strong. They more often are born from a solid foundation – including a cohesive mission and vision for the company or organization. NAP had this foundation, but as we started approaching our 40th anniversary, leadership began wondering if our logo and brand were the right fit. The logo was chosen initially to represent the fact that as healthcare leaders from multiple disciplines, our members advocated for healthcare in the best interest of patients and as a united healthcare team as opposed to operating in silos in individual specialties. NAP was primarily an honorific organization:

Old NAP Logo

Over the last 40 years, however, inter-professional care has grown and taken shape and NAP has grown to represent 14 professions (each with its own academy within NAP). The concept of healthcare providers working together for the best quality care is being taught and practiced on an increasing basis. NAP leaders now desired a logo that would better represent the interconnections and collaboration that they embraced.

Great brands are also born from the collective input and perspective of an organization’s members, leaders, and stakeholders. AMR and NAP partnered with Big Voice Communications, a full service public relations and marketing agency, to embark upon the work of creating our new look.

Big Voice met with representatives of all of these groups to find out what the identity, value, and personality of the association embodied. All of the efforts were couched with the goal of ensuring NAP had a brand that would take us into the future, signaling after 40 years it is a new era for interprofessional and collaborative care. As a huge bonus, Big Voice engaged leaders in creating, for the first time, a tagline for NAP that would very quickly and effectively explain why we exist.

We believe the results speak for themselves!

New NAP Logo

The rebranding process provided a unique opportunity for our organization to pause and consider how we want to be portrayed to the world. We decided to spell the name of the organization out in its entirety (even though internally we will continue to refer to it under its acronym). We also discontinued the individual academy logos we previously used; again, to emphasize the unity we strive for in healthcare as opposed to silos. The interconnected and overlapping lines better represent our collaboration and the navy and green colors are contemporary and visually pleasing.

We are excited to kick-off 2021 with this new and engaging brand presence!

Contact AMR to see how we can help you with your Association Rebranding Initiative.

Melanie Bowser Cropped Photo
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    The beginning of a new year marks a time when many people make positive changes. This year, the National Academies of Practice (NAP) launched a…