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Association Management - The AMR Way

The AMR wayis best described by our core values of Success Together | Casual but Focused on Results | Positive Workplace | Flexible | Ownership | Get Stuff Done | Lifelong Learning | Transparent and Inclusive in everything we do.

AMR is proud of our flexible and friendly work environment, one where collaboration and adaptability are at the core of our culture. Our team members enjoy a high degree of autonomy in choosing their work hours and locations, fostering a balance between personal and professional life.

This approach not only enhances job satisfaction but also boosts creativity, as team members feel valued and supported in a relaxed atmosphere. Regular team-building activities and open communication channels further strengthen interpersonal relationships, making it easier to share ideas and feedback.

Ultimately, this type of environment encourages a more engaged and productive workforce, where everyone feels empowered to contribute their best.

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These values are ingrained in how we treat our client partners and each other. Follow us on social media and you’ll see these values come to life with three simple hashtags:

We know productive, happy and creative employees are fulfilled and well-rounded people both in and out of the office.

With 25+ years of experience, AMR has refined company-wide processes to ensure a clear vision of partnership success and a roadmap to get there.

AMR doesn’t see us and you – here it’s about WE. AMR’s team goes the extra mile because we are passionate about and committed to our client partners’ missions and success.

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AMR will be the nation's most respected and sought after association management company.


Through our passion, people and principles, AMR helps associations change the world.


To add value for our client partners by serving as their trusted advisor and by executing their plans with excellence.

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AMR is a "remote-first" company headquartered in Lexington, KY with employees in 20 states
Jennifer Running Holiday Bingo
Jennifer Running Holiday Bingo
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AMR Team On Zoom For Holiday Bingo
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