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The Challenge:
Find a new, fun, creative way to present a panel discussion for the 2018 Nursing Organizations Alliance (NOA) Fall Summit. NOA’s membership is constituted by staff and volunteer leaders of national and international nursing organizations. In addition to a focus on nursing and healthcare topics, when NOA members convene for the Fall Summit, it’s an opportunity to connect one-on-one with peers and test new ideas that can be used to enhance their own conferences while learning valuable information to advance their organizations as a whole. With so many panels needed to address diverse topics, there is always a need for innovative ways to convey the information.  

The Action:
For the session “Enhancing Your Exhibitor/Sponsorship Program – Learning from Your Target Audience” NOA selected a Newlywed Game-style format where each of the exhibitor representatives serving on the panel were asked questions about what makes a conference exhibitor or sponsor program valuable for them. For each question, the panelists wrote their answers on small white-boards and then revealed them as the moderator asked for their responses. This playful approach to the panel kick-started the conversation, allowing panelists to expand on their responses and build off one another.

The Result:
The format was a hit! The panelists had a great time with the questions presented in this way and it provided a relaxed, friendly, intimate environment – exactly what the NOA summit is all about. Participants felt comfortable asking questions of the panel, with the panel asking questions of the audience as well, resulting in a dialogue that revealed new ideas and shook some assumptions about what an exhibitor or sponsor program should be. Everyone – the panel included – left with tangible ways to enhance the relationship between association leaders and their exhibitors and sponsors and a new session format idea they can use at their events. Learning and fun really do go hand in hand!

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