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We live in a fast-paced world. With information coming at you from every angle throughout the day, how do you get a message across to your members and partners in a way that will stick? Infographics are not a new phenomenon, but they have been gaining popularity recently as a visually appealing way to disseminate important information in the association world and beyond.

There are many different tools out there to create your own infographics, including PiktochartCanva and Venngage. These tools range in skill level required and are relatively user-friendly for the first-time infographic creator.

What is an infographic?

Simply put, the term ‘Infographic’ refers to any visual representation of a concept, idea, or data. They are a fun, creative way to display a message to your audience.

Why use infographics?

In a world where information is constantly being thrown your way, infographics are a great way to mix it up. Why tell your audience something your association thinks is important when you could show them? In the midst of text-heavy emails, tweets, Facebook posts and more, images of any kind are sure to grab your audience’s attention. I know I am more likely to read text accompanied by an image; we are attracted to colorful visual elements.  If you can’t use a photo to explain your message, an infographic is the perfect way to combine images and text. This combination improves understanding for your audience, too! In addition to grabbing your target audience’s attention, infographics can also increase brand awareness when stamped with your association’s logo, website, or contact information. The more your members and partners see your logo, the more recognizable it will become.

Where to use infographics?

Infographics can be used just about anywhere that you currently use text. Infographics are particularly useful via social media channels due to their ever-changing nature. While your members are checking their social media newsfeeds, they will be more likely to stop and read information that is visually appealing. Infographics are also likely to assist your association in gaining new social media followers- an added plus!

We use a lot of infographics here on the AMR Website. Are your messages feeling stale? Need help grabbing your membership’s attention and keeping it? Try creating an infographic! Happy creating!

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