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Graphic showing discussion around a table

One Great Idea – Three Conferences Improved

By Molly Marsh / May 16, 2018

As association meeting professionals, we know that for real learning to occur at our conferences participants must be active contributors to the educational experience. It’s a core principle of adult learning theory, right?!  But when you leave “time” in the agenda for discussion, reflection or group work so much can go wrong…how do you ensure…

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Group of workers fist bumping

Work Hard, Play Hard

By AMR Management Services / July 26, 2017

Here at AMR we like to bring a little fun to the workplace by planning activities and celebrations. We recognize that our employees work hard and we want them to have fun while doing so. When you’re located in the heart of Big Blue Nation, March Madness is almost considered a holiday to most and…

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Graphic showing a person studying with a tablet and a laptop

Six Things I Learned While Prepping for the CAE That Weren’t on the Exam

By Sarah Razor / June 2, 2016

When you think of a Scantron sheet, do you get a little bit of test anxiety?  Just picture all those rows and rows of empty bubbles, with your yellow #2 pencil poised in test-taking position in a room so quiet that mundane noises like pencil scratches on paper and chair squeaks seem to occupy a…

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