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Association Management Companies – Your Dream Team?

By Molly Marsh / January 8, 2019

In his book Dream Teams, author Shane Snow sets out to illustrate why some diverse teams excel and some do not. His early chapters emphasize perspective and how the addition of new and different perspectives to a team can help the group uncover ideas or solutions they never could have before. He uses the illustration of…

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Elaboration – The Key to Transformative Content?

By Molly Marsh / November 28, 2018

Associations create content – research and publications, conference presentations, professional development trainings, webinars and podcasts, etc. – all to support the learning and advancement of professionals in their given industry or practice. Of course, there are many reasons an association may choose certain educational offerings but, ultimately, the goal is to drive learning and build…

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In Kahoot! Association ManagementAccreditation Fun!

By AMR Management Services / June 6, 2018

The Challenge:Making internal training about Association Management Company (AMC) accreditation fun! AMR is accredited through the AMC Institute. Every four years, the company goes through the re-accreditation process to ensure adherence to the AMCI Standard of Good Practices for the Association Management Company Industry. A critical component of the re-accreditation process is a full-staff review of…

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A Day in the Life – Account Executive

By Melanie Bowser / April 5, 2017

A few of the email subject lines in my inbox today: This glimpse into my email inbox provides a good overview of the variety of issues an Account Executive for a non-profit association deals with every day.  While Account Executives have a distinct role to play in member interaction, finances, conference planning, membership, and committees,…

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We Have a New Client…Now What???

By Tracy Tucker / August 31, 2016

Onboarding a new client is an exciting time! Adding a client means growth in your business and it creates opportunities for team members to learn new industries and to develop professional and personal skills. Sounds great, right? Bringing on a new client can also bring about anxiety and disruption to your company and team members.…

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