Graphic showing a multicultural and diverse group of men and women

The Power of Inclusive Language in Associations: Building a Welcoming Community

By DeLaine Bender CAE / June 26, 2024

Associations are spaces where members from specific professions, fields, or industries can engage, network, and learn. Boards of Directors and association leaders want their associations to be inclusive and valuable experiences for all members. Sometimes, however, we may unintentionally do or say things that make people feel excluded. In our diverse world, associations must strive…

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A young female doctor works on a computer at a desk.

How to Improve Your Healthcare Association Online Community

By Anne Stefanyk / January 3, 2024

Amid challenging times for the healthcare industry, associations play a vital role in providing a community for healthcare professionals. Concerns like misinformation, staffing shortages, and public fears over artificial intelligence have tested the healthcare sector in recent years. Associations offer the stability and support healthcare professionals need to continue serving their patients effectively during this…

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