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4 Tips for your Association’s Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

By AMR Management Services / February 16, 2023

Whether your association is looking to raise revenue through an event or increase membership, you need a narrowly-focused marketing campaign that appeals to your target audience and inspires them to take action.  Using data to inform your marketing strategy has been proven to lead to higher enrollment, greater event turnout, and improved membership retention. According…

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Event Life-Cycles: Using the Past to Prepare for the Future

By Emily Glass / August 30, 2018

AMR applies a “simple” but very effective life-cycle format for our event design and execution.  Our post-event success is dependent on our pre-event structure and implementation. However, pre-event organization is only effective if the foundation laid from the previous post-event analysis is comprehensive and thorough. Hence, the life-cycle of AMR events. AMR’s Conference and Events…

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Human Data Visualization

By Emily Lane / June 25, 2018

AMR’s own Emily Lane shares something new, called Human Data Visualization, that the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) tried at their Midyear Conference. 

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Putting Data to Work

By Andrew Abernathy / March 22, 2018

It’s hard to turn on a TV, tune in a radio, or scroll through Facebook or Twitter and not see or hear something about the power of technology and data. Ads and commercials about technology, AI, and data have become such commonplace that it seems like almost everyone has become numb to the message that they…

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