Design Thinking

Graphic showing a painter picking colors and a marketing person holding up a bag

From Palette to Perception: Color’s Role in Brand Strategy

By Stephanie Jensen, DES, Kate Filipiak, CAE and Julie Pelstring / March 27, 2024

Color and branding play significant roles in shaping the mood of an association conference. Here’s how: Consistency: Consistent branding with colors, logos, and fonts across all conference materials (website, banners, signage, etc.) reinforces the conference’s identity and helps attendees associate these elements with the event. For example: Theme Reinforcement: Colors can be used to reinforce…

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Graphic showing the design process

Creating Design Efficiencies Through Collaboration

By Jessica Campbell / March 20, 2024

As a project Coordinator (PC) at AMR Management Services, I work directly with the Friends of the National Institute of Nursing Research (FNINR) and the National Academies of Practice (NAP). Both associations have annual events that require collateral from the AMR creative services (CS) team: the NAP Annual Meeting and Forum, and the FNINR Annual…

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Graphic of the graphic design process

Promoting Your Events: Beyond the Stock Photo

By Melissa Wilson, CAE / March 6, 2024

In the association world, we know attendees choose meetings based on a variety of reasons: continuing education requirements, networking with colleagues, staying current on industry trends, products and services and, of course, the location and venue. Hawaiian Board retreat in the summer? Winter conference at a ski resort? These locations and venues have a built-in…

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Sans Forgetica Logo

Make the Brain Work for It!

By Molly Marsh / June 3, 2019

A designer, psychologist and a behavioral economist walk into a university… Also potentially the start of a terrible joke, it happens to be the beginning of the story of Sans Forgetica, a new typeface created to help increase retention and learning from written material.  As noted in the previous blog post about Elaboration, learning is much more…

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Content Strategy – Are You Asking the Right Questions?

By Molly Marsh / August 23, 2018

The power and benefit of design thinking in association conferences is well documented. But, as associations, are we taking design thinking and applying it to other areas of our education and professional development offerings as well?  Using design thinking and a purposeful approach to education planning helps the association ensure that not only conferences and events, but content marketing…

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