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How A Medical Association Used a Physical Representation of Diversity to Create a Fun and Engaging Conversation

By Lindsay Overall / July 11, 2018

The ChallengeThe Academy of Communication in Healthcare (ACH) defines diversity as any and all differences between and among people. ACH welcomes all diversities, recognizing that various life experiences, perspectives and cultures inform and enrich their understanding of the world, each other and themselves.  AMR and ACH is committed to building an inclusive organization and has…

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Diversity and Inclusion Case Study – Attack of the Killer Manel

By Molly Marsh / June 20, 2018

The ChallengeManels…(All Male Panel) they’re a thing. It’s rarely intentional, but one of the challenges in volunteers working on components of a conference is that they aren’t always in a position to see how their individual work impacts the big picture. For the National Association of State Procurement Officials, well-intentioned volunteers developing conference sessions worked…

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