Image of people in seats at a conference

Engagement in Action – NASPO Exchange

By Molly Marsh / March 23, 2017

Participant engagement and supporting peer-to-peer connection is critical for any face-to-face conference, but when the primary purpose of an event is to “build relationships” you’d better be sure you provide a program that delivers. Gone are the days during which associations set out a coffee break and assumed that valuable, caffeine and sugar-fueled networking would…

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Incorporating Social Media at Conference

By Olivia Hook / January 6, 2016

It’s a new year… is it also time to spice up your client’s social media plan? You’ve been stuck in a rut with your client’s social media content, so what do you do? Conveniently, you have a conference coming up. Perfect timing! Client conferences are the perfect avenue to create a bump in social media…

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Graphic showing a man holding a magnet sucking in likes and thumbsups

Social Media Cheat Sheet

By Olivia Hook / November 15, 2015

How do you know which social media platform(s) in which your client should invest time and resources? With so many options out there, how do you decide where to start? It’s usually not smart to use every platform available to you, so here is a ‘social media for dummies’ rundown for the association world. FacebookIn…

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Graphic of the twitter bird

Twitter, who? Getting started on Twitter with your client

By Olivia Hook / November 10, 2015

Social media has become ubiquitous in recent years, and Twitter, the current ‘king’ of social media has exploded. Twitter is no longer just a space for you to post what you had for lunch or what you think of the newest Star Wars movie. Twitter has become the interactive platform for corporate organizations and non-profits alike. Who…

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Graphic showing people attending a webinar

5 Easy to Avoid Webinar Mistakes

By Lisa Thompson / August 3, 2015

Webinars are a great way to stay in touch with your members and deliver high-level continuous education. However, we’ve all attended (or held) webinars that quickly went from an educational opportunity to a train wreck due to some cringe –worthy mistakes that can all be avoided with some careful pre-planning. So, to make sure your…

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