Graphic of a woman coordinating a work plan

A Day in the Life – Conferences and Events

By Will Engle / January 4, 2017

I think most people would tell you, when asked if planning events sounds like it would be a fun line of work, that yes, they think it would be: traveling all over the country and the world, meeting all types of new people, and having the unique opportunity to see first-hand the fruits of your…

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Graphic showing people standing around the word Hashtag

Incorporating Social Media at Conference

By Olivia Hook / January 6, 2016

It’s a new year… is it also time to spice up your client’s social media plan? You’ve been stuck in a rut with your client’s social media content, so what do you do? Conveniently, you have a conference coming up. Perfect timing! Client conferences are the perfect avenue to create a bump in social media…

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Graphic showing an office with people running around with fires on their heads

Reality Show? Nope, Just another Day in the Life of a Meeting Professional

By Molly Marsh / August 25, 2015

I’ve always said that an association meeting professional’s life would make an excellent reality show.  Combine a 15-hour travel day with a no-show speaker; throw in a thunderstorm just as participants leave for their offsite dinner (to which they are walking) and a hotel where the chef just quit…you’ve got a hit, I promise!   …

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Woman with head down on laptop stressed out

Meetings 101 – More Planning, Less Panic

By Natasha Pedigo / May 16, 2015

Being a Conferences & Events Manager comes with a laundry list of “To Dos” prior to conference However, there is one box that always strikes fear in the heart of every planner:EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PLAN I started my event career on the facility side of the business working for a convention center. I was constantly amazed…

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